The Uganda women Parliamentary women Association (UWOPA) together with Platform for Labour Action have asked President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to speedily sign on the Employment Amendment Act 2019 which will force all places of work to create venues for breastfeeding rooms for working mothers.
This follows parliament on Thursday this week passing the Employment Amendment Act 2019.
Among other issues the Bill aims at providing for the protection of working breast feeding mothers; require employers to put in place policies and facilities for breastfeeding mothers; to prohibit employment of persons as casual employees for more than three months with the same employer and to provide for discussion of casual employment.
Lydia Bwite program officer Platform for labour Action says women will be given ample time to breast feed their children at places of work once the act is signed.
Lugazi Municipality Member of Parliament Isaac Mulindwa adds that this Act will also protect casual, domestic, and immigrant workers who have been marginalized for the last 15 years.
The Employment Amendment Act 2019 will out way the old employment act 2006 which has not been catering for the marginalized employees and breastfeeding.
The Amoru district woman Member of Parliament also Secretary General (UWOPA) Lucy Akello says she is still advocating for an amendment to increase paternity leave for men from three days to at least 15 days so that they can also take care of the baby at the time of delivery.
“Men will also have ample time to bond with the new born and also other family members so these two weeks will mean a lot for men” adds Akello.
The Chairperson-Domestic Workers Association Hanifa Katwesige has expressed joy for the enactment of the employment Act 2019 because it will give the domestic workers a platform to fight for their rights.

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