Ugandan women’s rights activist Rita Aciro has won the 2021 European Union Human award.

The award is given annually by the European Union and Norway to recognise a human rights defender in Uganda for their outstanding contribution.

Aciro, the Executive Director of the Uganda Women’s Network was recognised for her outstanding work to advance the role of girls and women in all aspects of life in Uganda.

Speaking during the award ceremony,the Germany Ambassador to Uganda Matthias Schauer said human rights need to be defended all over the world.

While receiving the award, Aciro said it was an honour of the invisible Human Rights Defenders in homes, and public spaces who never have the spot light yet do an incredible job in giving a voice to women and girls.

“I have not excluded fighting for the rights of disadvantaged groups so I thank all the people we do this kind of work”  Aciro commended fellow women in the field.

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