TOP TV Starts Uganda’s Most Informative Political Talk Show

By Our Reporter

As the country moves closer to the 2021 general elections, Uganda’s first Christian station, Top TV has started a weekly political talkshow dubbed ‘The Opinion‘ destined to become the nation’s leader in dissecting issues of national importance.

Hosted by Kungu Al-mahadi Adam, an experienced journalist in both print and broadcast media, the show airs every Saturday 9pm to 11pm featuring former Lubega South and CP President MP John Ken Lukyamuzi, Former Presidential aspirant and DP’s Samuel Walter Lubega Mukaaku and JEEMA spokesperson, Abdunoor Kyamundu.

Kungu Al-mahadi Adam introducing the show on Saturday.

Others include James Tweheyo from the NRM, former Lubega North MP Singh Katongole and Kampala RCC (Nakawa) Anderson Burora.

The first edition of ‘The Opinion‘ was aired yesterday Saturday with panelists breaking down President Yoweri Museveni’s State of the Nation Address focusing on security and economy.

The public has already expressed optimism is the future of the show saying, it “killed it” on its debut before projecting that it will define the next political destiny of Uganda.

Kato Hussein on Facebook said: “Waoo, never have I seen such a great political show in this land. The moderator is so professional and avails enough time to the discussants with minimal interjection. I love what I see.”

“This is the best current affairs TV show in Uganda, my Man Lukyamuzi is so knowledgeable about the law, thanks TOP TV,” Najjuma Susan posted on Facebook.

“Trust me this show will give these bu-other TV stations a run for their money, the selection of guests is on point and the timing is great,” Nsereko Martin commented on Facebook.

On Twitter, Mbabazi said: “This is what I have been longing for, for so long. The show is amazing, now I have reason to keep my eyes glued on TV.”

Meanwhile, Akram Lubega, the station’s manager says the programme was well thought about having realised a gap in the quality of debate in the existing political talk shows in Uganda.

“The shows that have been on Uganda’s TV stations don’t dig deeper in the issues concerning the countrymen, in fact, they only discuss basic things, yet, Ugandans needs to understand the depth of political developments in their country,” Lubega said after the first show on Saturday.

The Opinion‘ he says, has been started to cater for both Luganda speaking Ugandans and those who understand English since it is 70% Luganda and 30% English, unlike most shows in Uganda with focus on single language usage.


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