Due to the hi-caps for the post of speaker in the parliament more people are joining to try their luck.

Today, Rakai Woman Member of Parliament has declared her interest to contest.

Juliet Kinyamatama Rakai Woman Member of Parliament has announced her bid to contest for the speakership race of the forthcoming 11th parliament.

She has joined the four candidates including the incumbent speaker Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga, her deputy Jacob Oulanya, Forum for Democratic Change Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda and Democratic Party`s Richard Sebamala the already announced their bid for the same seat.

Launching her campaign today at Parliament, Kinyamatama says, she is going to represent the youths who are the majority in the country and will ensure that all government agencies employ 50% of the youths in the country.

“There is need to have all people in the various arms of government like judiciary, legislature and executive” says Kinyamatama.  

She also says that she plans to advocate to public entities and the government to give young people jobs.

Among the benefits she wants to ensure are included in the budget comprises of giving a tax holiday to all private companies that will employ more youths annually, to fight unemployment that challenges in the country.

 Kinyamatama adds that she will greatly improve public accountability that has been missing in the current leadership.

Kinyamatama becomes the second woman to contest against Kadaga who was the only female in the race.

“I am not scared of anyone and am ready to compete against all my boss because I have the capability to work and ability” Kinyamatama confirms.

The voting of the speaker will take place on the 20th of May 2021 before the swearing in of the Members of Parliament.

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