A section of former Residents District Commissioners and their deputies have petitioned speaker of parliament Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga seeking parliament to enact a law under which they can be facilitated as they retire.

RDCs are appointed by the president to coordinate the administration of government services in the various districts.

These spear headed by Okoth Nyalulu Thomas , the former RDC of Arua district says,  due to the nature of their work that involves switching them from one district to the other and their busy schedule, this limits them from setting up personal commercial ventures in their home districts as they cannot supervise them hence this leaves them relying on their salaries and allowances.

They further note that their termination is always abrupt and cannot allow them adequate notice and financial preparations.

Given the matters above, former RDCS and their deputies now want parliament to enact a legal instrument where they can be facilitated with monthly housing, health, transport, security allowances among other benefits that may deem fit upon termination of their services.

They further propose that the legal instrument streamline the mechanism of exit of serving RDCs and their deputies to provide ample notice of at least six months of impending termination.

In her response, the speaker Rebecca Kadaga promised to send their plea to the presidential Affairs committee of parliament for further study before the committee makes recommendations to the house.

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