Security Moves To Arrest Motorists With Fake Stickers


By Ogwang Peter

Police and other security agencies have issued stricter measures to motorists on roads aimed at enforcing presidential directives requiring only authorised vehicles on the road as part of the efforts to fight against the spread of Covid-19.

In the latest statement by the Uganda police spokesperson CP Fred Enanga, security front-line officers have been given guidelines to follow while at checkpoints and how to verify the bar codes on all stickers issued by the Ministry of Works and Transport.

Among the guidelines Vehicles with Ministry of Works and Transport stickers with barcodes linked to the purpose and driver and in observance of the Ministry of Health SOPS are allowed on the road.

Also, official vehicles of the UPDF, UPF, UPS, UWA, UWEC, DCIC JIC, Private Security Companies whose occupants must carry institutional IDS and in line with the SOPS from the Ministry of Health are allowed.

Official vehicles with Ministry of Works and Transport stickers for medical, NWSC; power generation, transmission and distribution companies; Banks, judiciary, UNRA, URA, NDA, DPP, NMS, Uganda Red Cross /ICRC, CAA, National Bureau Of Standards, Telecom Companies, Media, KCCA, Urban Authorities, Cleaning Services, Manufacturers, Pharmacies, Veterinary Officials.

“These are all authorized to strictly carry essential staff only during this period,” says Enanga in a statement.

“Patients with chronic illness such a cancer, kidney failure, etc, that warrant frequent hospital checkups. They must carry relevant medical documents,” he added.

Other vehicles allowed to operate include all cargo trucks, all Bodabodas, motorcycles, bicycles without passengers from 6:30am to 2pm.

The development comes amid reports that some individuals were flouting the guidelines by loading passengers in authorities vehicles while others contains fake stickers.

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