Parliament has rejected the proposal by its committee on human rights to grant children of refugees Citizenship.

The vice chairperson of the committee who is also the woman Member of Parliament- Bugiri, Agnes Ttaka has said that the children of refugees born in Uganda should be granted Citizenship.

 “These children should be registered at birth as Ugandans since they get all services from our country, most of them end up learning and speaking local language so there is nothing deterring them from becoming registered Ugandans” Ttaka explains.

Ttaka also states that refugees should be encouraged to engage in productive activities to reduce on the economic pressure they exert on host communities.

This came in when parliament was discussing the committee report on the recommendations of the 20th annual report of the Uganda human rights commission.

Johnson Muyanja Seyonga the Mukono south Member of Parliament was the first to oppose the proposal saying that if refugees are allowed to become citizens they will purchase all the land from the nationals.

“They are always supported by government and other organizations financial wise so they are capable of purchasing land” confirms Ssenyonga.

The Busia municipality Member of Parliament Geoffrey Macho also opposed this saying that this will turn Uganda into an open market for citizens from other countries.

The Bunyole west member of parliament James Waluswaka says that this proposal should be adopted where one parent  is a Ugandan.

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