Uganda police force has decried the budget cuts on their entity in the next financial year 2021/2022 saying that this is going to leave them incapacitated to perform some of their obligations.

They expressed their need while appearing before parliamentary committee on defense and internal affairs to submit their budget for the next financial year.

 This team from the police expressed views stating that instead of reducing the funds, they need an increment to have their work of protecting and keeping people and their properties well.

The minister of state of internal affairs Mario Obiga Kania and the Inspector general of police Martin Okoth Ochola informed the members of parliament that they would like to have their budget which has been cut reinstated as some of their activities are going to be affected.

Ochola told Members of Parliament that their budget for next financial year has been cut by 127.3 billion shillings which he says that they would like to have this figure reinstated.

“We are deployed in all sectors of government so we need the money to equip our sector well facilitated” Ochola narrates to Members of Parliament.

The undersecretary Aggrey Winyi also informed the committee they plan to recruit over 3005 cadets to replace officers who have left the force.

Wunyi states that the officers they are targeting are those who have been retired from the force due to disciplinary actions, death, desertion among others.

 “We lose around 1000 officers from the office due to different reasons so they have to be replaced for the force to serve well the country men and women” adds Wunyi.

Wunyi says that the officers they plan to recruit include 20 medical doctors, five pilots and aircraft engineers, 271 learner AIP, 120 LEARNER SGT, and 2589 PPCs.

Wunyi also says that the entity has arrears totaling to over 82.7 billion shillings but only 37 billion shillings has been provided saying that they would like to clear these outstanding balances and remain free.

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