Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga Declares Another 3 Days Of Prayer For An End To COVID-19


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From L-R: Joan Lule (Iron Lady), Jaqi Deweyi, Kim Nash and Remmie Male and Pastors Eve and Jackson Ssenyonga on the Cocktail show on Friday Morning.

Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga of Christian Life Church Makerere Kavule has Friday declared another 3 days of prayer, fasting and interceding for God to relieve Uganda of Covid-19, a disease caused by coronavirus and has already been declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation.

In Company of Pastor Eve Ssenyonga, Pastor Jackson made the announcement while appearing on Top Television morning shows The Cocktail and The Opinion. He said the prayers will be held everyday Friday to Sunday every week starting today April 17 and will be relayed live on Top Television and radio as well as social media accounts.

Pastors Eve and Jackson Ssenyonga and Adam Kkungu during The Opinion show on Friday Morning.

Uganda so far has 55 confirmed cases out of whom, 20 individuals have recovered.

”God continues to stand with us and that is why we have few cases and many are recovering. It is the reason as to why I am here with Pastor Eve to once again invite the whole country for prayer and intercession every Friday, Saturday and Sunday praying asking God to put an end to Covid-19 in Uganda and the globe. We shall also be praying for end to its effects like poverty and domestic violence and others,” Pastor Ssenyonga revealed.

He expressed pleasure with President Yoweri Museveni’s guidance in managing the pandemic as well as the cooperation and positive response by the public.

”We thank our President for his good leadership and guidance since the outbreak of this disease when he told us what to do at the right time.I also applaud Ugandans who have to a greater extent obeyed the directives, something I believe is helping us to combat the spread of this disease,” he added.

He said during these prayers, people will be engaging in reading the Bible as well as praying. He said this will take place almost in all radio and television shows saying the scripture provides for people to endlessly pray until God answers their prayers.

On her part, Pastor Eve Ssenyonga thanked the Almighty for intervening in preventing the disease from rapidly multiplying across the country as it is in many other countries.

”We thank God because he has fought our battles as a country. I remember in 2000, when we converged at Mandela National stadium for prayers attended by the President of Uganda and the First lady, we denounced anything to do with witchcraft as a country and committed our lives to God, something which is in line with our National Motto. I believe God will still fight for us to success, even in this pandemic and this is why we are back on our knees to pray to him,” said Pastor Eve Ssenyonga.

Pastors Eve and Jackson Ssenyonga.

In respect of the ongoing government directives which require all people to stay home, people will join Pastors Eve and Jackson Ssenyonga and other Pastors from the comfort of their living rooms via Top Television, radio and Facebook Pages Pastor Ssenyonga Ministries and Top Television.

This is the second time Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga and Christian Life Church Ministries are conducting such prayers in this pandemic, they also did the same when Uganda confirmed the first case and asked God to shield the country from the danger of the disease. 

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