The former deputy speaker of parliament who is the Member of Parliament Omoro county Jacob Oulanyah says he wants to see some changes in the 11th parliament including restoring public confidence in the institution.

While addressing journalists at parliament just after taking his oath, he said that Members of Parliament in the 10th parliament have been targeted by the people because of the way they have been doing business which must change.

Oulanyah also wants parliament to restore the good working relations with other arms of government to serve Ugandans better.

“The three arms of government complement each other and each has got its independent duties for the better development of the country’s economy” adds Oulanyah.

Oulanyah has said that the 11th Parliament owes Ugandans a duty to restore the dignity and reputation of the legislative arm of government.


Omoro county Member of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah does not hesitate that he will be a back bencher if not elected a speaker adding that in all positions he can serve the country men and women.

According to Oulanyah, Members of Parliament are no longer respected amongst Ugandans they think that all legislatures feed their stomach’s.

 “The public believes that many legislators are self-seekers who only go to parliament to enrich themselves but it is a different scenario, there are enormous needs from MPs” Oulanyah told journalists at parliament today.

Oulanyah says that parliament needs to refocus its priorities and put more emphasis on national interest and perfecting service delivery for the people instead of debating issues that are not beneficial.

He says that anything short of this will water down the relevance of the house to the people of Uganda.

 Oulanyah reminds legislators scrambling for money that the public is always on watch so they should serve their needs in their respective capacities.

“I talk of the 20 million Shillings that was given to each MP at the height of the COVID-19 lockdown, causing discomfort amongst Ugandans, and the hundreds of millions that each legislator received in order to purchase vehicles but as for me I returned it” Oulanyah confessed.

Parliament last year passed a displeasure motion against Oulanyah for criticizing the allocation of the 20 million Shillings for each MP as COVID-19 relief, this money was part of the 10 billion Shillings that had been shared amongst MPs to raise awareness about coronavirus disease.

After the distribution President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni said it is “totally unacceptable” for MPs to take on roles for which they were not mandated, prompting a number of them to return the money to the consolidated fund.

Oulannya is now warming up for yet another contest as he seeks to unseat Kamuli Woman Member of Parliament Hon Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga from the speaker’s seat.

 The two will be vetted by the Central Executive Committee of the National Resistance Movement and subjected to a vote in the caucus before the general vote scheduled for Monday next week.

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