A section of the Members of parliament from the opposition have hit back at president Museveni over his remarks that he is wooing the Opposition Parties.

President Yoweri Museveni on Monday this week while speaking during the 1st sitting of the 11th Parliament for the Speakership election at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds said he has already engaged some of the opposition, the UPC and DP adding that recently he has been engaging some FDC members. The ones who have been avoiding NRM are those of NUP.

Mawokota South MP Yusuf Nsibambi says president Museveni has no moral authority to talk to the FDC Officials without passing through the party secretary general .

He should stop wooing opposition with petty monies and calling the opposition at night.

Kalungu west MP- Kalungu District Joseph Gonzaga Sewungu says president Museveni can woo other parties he should not get used to National Unity Platform, the party, he will never succeed to woo or talk to them.

He adds that president Museveni uses a chance of talking to factions within the opposition political parties with the aim of completely whipping out the opposition political parties.

The speaker of parliament Jacob Oulanyah has toured parliament as the outgoing speaker Rebecca Kadaga’s office is being cleaned to create room for the new speaker.

He visited most of the head of departments offices directors while some staff mood was low and others are happy of the new change of leadership at parliament.

He started his visit with the office of the clerk of parliament Jane kibirige .

Oulanyah on Monday this week won the position of the speaker after defeating his former boss who is also  Kamuli district woman MP Rebecca Kadaga in a highly contested race for speakership.

The Opposition Democratic Party wants the newly elected Parliamentary Speaker Jacob Oulanya and his Deputy to exercise both the hard and soft skills if productive work is to be achieved.

 The leadership has also been argued to value, involve members of parliament in building consensus and see restraint in the use of the powers of the office among others.

 While addressing the media this afternoon at the party’s head offices in Kampala, the Party President Norbert Mao, says the Speaker must be objective and impartial, approachable and have constructive engagements with all branches of government among others.

Meanwhile commended the former speaker of the 10th parliament Rebecca Kadaga for re defining the institution of Uganda’s Parliament, he said its through Kadaga’s leadership that parliament gained momentum to advise government on finance matters.

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