Museveni Donates Shs3.7 Billion To Cranes


Museveni meeting players at State House, Entebbe

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Cranes players will walk with their heads high after the President promising a donation of USD 1m (Ugshs3.7b) to be shared amongst them and the FUFA officials.

The president announced this while meeting the team at Entebbe State House on Monday, hours after jetting into the country from Egypt, where the team had traveled to participate in the 32nd edition of Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON).

The team was eliminated at the round of 16 after a slim 1-0 loss to Senegal, but prior, Uganda had defeated DRC, held Zimbabwe to a one all draw and lost 2-0 to hosts Egypt.

He said the boys can perform even better if government is to increase financial support to the team.

”When Uganda began recovering, we started sports Again. Government has not committed to supporting the national team seriously, but we have been doing it in a small way because we are dealing with other pressing issues like; security, education, health, roads, piped water, electricity, ICT,”said the President.

”However, this small push is already bringing very good results, when we start supporting it more, imagine what our sportsmen/women can do. Because of their entertaining value, games bring unity. It’s not good for people to bring partisan politics in games, if you see anyone doing it, you know they are unserious. Drunkards enjoy games, thieves suspend stealing for 90 minutes. Games are good therapy for society,” he added.

He explained that on the USD 1m appreciation, both players and official will earn but, players should be provided the lion’s share.

”I’m very happy that the Cranes went up to the last 16. I know we will perform better next time. I will organise 1m dollars with the government to distribute it among the players and officials. Of course, the officials will not get as much as the players,” he said.

”Although we didn’t win all our fixtures, we made a good effort and achieved some reasonable success. I don’t know how Senegal got that goal. I see our players are all fit young people. All they need is more stamina,” explained the President.

Meanwhile the head coach of the team, Sebastien Desabre who on Sunday parted way with the football governing body, FUFA, was Monday unveiled as the new manager of Egyptian Premier league side, Pyramids FC.

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