Women Activists from different civil Society Organization have condemned the manner in which the Kampala District Woman MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT Nagayi Nabilah Ssempala’s human rights were violated.

They say that Nabilahs estrange husband Isaac Sempala threw out all inner wears like knickers, bras and underclothing linking it to sexual harassment and a mistreat to a mother of the nation.

The activists at the offices of the Women’s Probono initiative Offices in Ntinda Kampala say they cannot just look at what is taking place without defending the rights of a fellow woman.

They say Nabilah’s situation is one of an example of multitudes of women whose rights are violated which undermines the personhood and the dignity of women.

“He has abused Nabirahs rights physcically, sexually and morally” the probono statement outlines.

the women Activist Salome Nakimbugwe say they have asked the family to desist from misusing Buganda culture to undermine the integrity of women.

she adds that it is erroneous to invoke culture to abuse Hon Nabilah.

They have called on leadership in Buganda Kingdom especially the kisekwa cultural court to hold such perpetrators to account for their culturally unacceptable behaviors.

 Nakimbugwe adds that they should resolve this matrimonial conflict because the manner in which it was portrayed by some family members misrepresents the Ffumbe clan as well as Buganda.

The women have asked minister for the presidency to sway over some of the state house employees for interfering and undermining the rule of law and the course of justice.

Nakimbugwe asserts that one of the violators of human rights for Nabilah whose identity was kept anonymous is said to be an employee in the office of the presidency who is abusing the resources of the president’s office to interfere, loom and stir in the case.

She calls on inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola to ensure that Uganda police forces stick to the restraining court order at Nabilah Nagayi’s house.

“Uganda’s police professional standards should check some errant police officers who are not exercising their professionalism” cautions Nakimbugwe.

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