It has become a new normal life for reporters and media houses to take acts against women and girls’ part of life.

This is wrongInstead look at the good areas and write about them for the good of our country and uplift the Women a “Dr, Emilly Comfort Maractho senior lecture and HoD Journalism and Media says.

Dr. Maractho adds, these are areas which Journalists have been advised to work on and involve women so as to form issues that develop and benefit the country.

This during training on needs assessment at Uganda Media Women’s Association in Kisaasi a Kampala city suburbs.

Dr. Emilly Comfort Maractho a senior lecturer who analyses journalism work says it is always crucial to know what the missing link is to help journalists to cover women at the same rate as men.

Dr. Maractho adds that journalists need frequent trainings to keep them at par especially those who come in the media houses.

She criticizes reporters for only always looking out for the unhealthy beat of the women to always make headlines instead of identifying ideas that are positive to the development of the country.

Dr. Maractho says the training needs assessment carried out is meant to identify areas to help journalist carry out a balanced and impacting stories.

By having these ideas down from needs assessment, will equally help the society and institutions to appreciate what the media does” saysDr. Maractho.

Dr. Maractho concludes by saying that their aim is to provide skills for genderbased violence reporting, where women are supposed to be heard without any attachments but for the good of the country and world.

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