LUKWAGO TO MAO: When Is Your Tenure Ending?

By Kungu Al-mahadi Adam
The Kampala City Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago has revealed that the tenure of the current Democratic Party leadership led by Nobert Mao is unknown, saying this is one of the fundamental causes of their disagreements the Mao led team.
Lukwago who was Saturday morning appearing on Top Radio’s Negwodadde political talk show hosted by Steven Dunstan Busuulwa, said that the current efforts by the leadership to foster unity of the party members including the ongoing reunion activities are petty, adding that the principle causes of the breakaways should be handled first.
Lukwago, Mukono municipality legislator Betty Nambooze and a number of other core members fell out with the Mao team a couple of years back with some finding a home in Dr Kizza Besigye led People’s Government and Truth and Justice Pressure group.
”What has caused problems to many people is their wish to always scratch on the surface. DP problems are so big, if you are resolving issues, you begin by finding out the cause of the disagreements. Unity is not bad and coming together as members of the same family is fine, but if there are fundamental issues, they are looked into,” Lukwago said while responding to why he does not attend DP reunion functions.
He said despite the reunions not touching the core issues affecting the party, he has no problems with them. He however said that he will only attend at the time when time for discussing the real issues which will transform the party from its current state comes.
”There is no political party which exists without indicating the tenure of its leadership in the constitution. Even NRM which don’t believe in democracy and Mr Museveni who has no DNA of democracy, also have tenure of their leaders in their constitution. Now, when does Mr Mao’s tenure as DP President end?” asked Lukwago.
He said when he was still the party’s legal adviser, he recommended that the tenure of the President should be for 3 years to allow a 2 year period for the elected leader to prepare for the General elections since the party constitution states that it is the party president to hold their flag in the general elections.
In addition, Lukwago said that the party office holders are the ones who organise and conduct elections within the party yet they are also in most times contestants citing bias and unfairness in the process.
Lukwago further explained that some of the activities by the party contravene their constitution since some leaders are illegally occupying the offices. ”How do you organise free and fair elections when you are also a candidate? President and NEC are the ones who compile the list of delegates who attend the delegates conference and vote afterwards.
He said the offices of the late leaders former Secretary General, Mathias Nsubuga, National Youth Leader Susan Namaganda and National Treasurer Issa Kikungwe have never been filled. But, when told that there are people occupying the said positions, Lukwago said that the party’s constitution provides for filling those positions only at the Delegates Conference wondering how the replacements were effected.

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