Uganda police has warned the public against the use of un authorized and illegal sirens and flashing lights.
This in a statement by the Uganda police spokesperson Fred Enanga” we would like to inform the public that the crackdown operations on the illegal use of sirens and flashing lights is still ongoing.”
Enanga states that, they have been lenient and only confiscating the sirens from the wrong doers but now he cautions the defaulters to reverse the vice.
The vice is attributed to undisciplined drivers mostly in parts of Kampala and the neighboring districts.
Enanga outlined a number of drivers, motorists including boda boda riders are among those misusing the sirens and flash lights.
He says these sirens and lights have tremendously contributed to road accidents especially during night hours.
When sirens are on and flash lights there is a tendency of over speeding that cause problems including accidents.
The errant motorists discharge high density lights causing more glare, obstruction oncoming traffic or temporary blindness to the driver.
Cause panic and confusion in public.
They scare people in public and other places.
“All those who will be found to be using emergency lights and sirens on roads illegally, will now have them confiscated and the suspects charged to court” statement confirms.
It further shows that once one is using the siren and lights illegally is to be taken in court for violating Section 123(5) &6 of the Traffic and Road Safety Act 1998.
The statement says that there is still continuous crack down countrywide so any body got defying the order will face courts.

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