The former government chief wipe Ruth Nankabirwa has cautioned the newly elected Members of parliament to desist from corruption and laziness since Kisanja Hakuna muchezo is still ongoing. 

The head of Kisanja Hakuna muchezo, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is leading this country, “It does not mean that since some of us the subordinates are not directly into contact with the ground people it is done. No” Nankabirwa clarifies to the fourth estate during her last engagement as the government chief wipe.

“I am going to serve my people while at the farm in Kiboga district. so once am not in active politics does not mean that I will not be engaging my people” Nankabirwa says.

She says that they have played their part in molding, serving and putting Uganda at the top so they are giving way to new leaders in the 11th parliament, assuring the Members of parliament that they are going to enjoy it since they have paved way.

This while bidding farewell to the media group that covers the entire parliament under their association of Uganda Parliamentary Press Association. 

While speaking to the UPPA members, Nankabirwa said that it was an honour to serve in the August House and the influence she is been able to impart to the various stakeholders.

She says that she is not ready to leave parliament bit will not be able to serve as the chief wipe but rather she still has the capacity to address, mentor and also guide many entities at Parliament. 

Nankabirwa welcomed the prayer from the vice President of UPPA Francis Lubega that she is going to be given a bigger position in the next cabinet. 

She has further called upon the former speaker of Parliamnet sister Hon Rebecca Kadaga Alitwala to apologize to the President of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, also apologies to the National Resistance Movement party as well as CEC to put things right.

She denies having any grudges against her but rather has always been going her work as chief wipe as well as consolidation of the party members.

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