JACOB Oulanyah the member of parliament representing people from Omoro district has today picked his nomination papers to stand for the post of speaker of Uganda’s 11th parliament.

 Oulanyah picked the papers from the National Resistance Movement headquarters at Kyadondo in Kampala escorted by a dozen supporters.

He has been serving as the deputy speaker for the past two terms of parliament headed by Hon Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga the woman member of parliament for Kamuli district.

Immediately after picking his papers, from Kigyagi Arimpa John the deputy of NRM electoral commission Oulanyah vowed to show change immediately he takes the post of speaker from his opponent yet party-mate Kadaga.

Dr Tanga Odoi, the NRM electoral commission chairperson, had stated that only registered members should pick forms to express their interest so that the party structures vet the candidate on each position.

Oulanyah handed over the office alongside all the items that were in his possession to the Principal Private Secretary to Office of the Deputy Speaker, Robinson Kawesa on Wednesday and was sworn in yesterday Thursday while today on Friday picked up NRM papers to declare his willingness to serve as the 11th parliamentary speaker.

He says that he has come to serve the nation as opposed since he has the potential as opposed to history.

“CEC should not judge us depending on history rather let it depend on the potential exhibited by an individual, there is history known but potential guides. So let the CEC utilize potential among its people so that the country benefits” says Oulanyah

Both Kadaga and Oulanyah are prominent figures in the NRM party and the decision of who becomes the head of the third highest office in the country has made it more complicated.

This race has attracted four candidates including hon, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, Hon Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga, Hon engineer Richard Sebamala and Hon Jacob Oulanyah.

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