HISTORY! Uganda finishes third at Miss World 2018


Indeed, there is a first for everything. And Uganda’s beauty queen, Quiin Abenakyo, has done what no other Ugandan has done before – making it all the way to the Top 5 of the Miss World competition, and even further by placing third overall.

Although she missed out on this year’s top crown, with Mexico’s Vanessa Ponce de Leon taking it, Abenakyo won the continental crown by beating Mauritius’ Murielle Ravina to become Miss World Africa.

She wrapped up a dream-come-true with a third-place finish ahead of Belarus’ Maria Vasilevich and Jamaica’s Kadijah Robinson.

When the presenter announced the 22-year-old as one of two contestants to vie for the African crown, Abenakyo, donning a lovely low-cut blue dress, exuded confidence in true Pearl-of-African spirit.

She had inched closer to an even higher pedestal. Whatever was racing through her mind at that very moment, it is no doubt she knew she was almost there. This was uncharted territory from a Ugandan point of view.

But soon, her emotions would betray her steely yet admirable presence.

After a brief, nervy pause by the presenter, the name ‘Uganda’ eventually rattled off his lips. And as if by cue, Abenakyo’s eyes beamed in delight and welled at the same time. From that moment, she had become Miss World Africa!

And even sweeter, the Ugandan beauty had secured a spot in the Top 5, leaving her with a one-in-five shot at winning Miss World 2018.

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