Government of Uganda has started a move to create mutual Understanding between the state and the non-Government organization registered by the National NGO Bureau.

These perform certain duties after an increased tension and suspicion between the two bodies that arose before, during and after the concluded January General elections.

The National NGO Bureau has currently registered more than 13000 Non-Government organizations with different goals among these many have been accused of antagonizing with government while executing their duties.

That particular reason prompted the government through the Financial Intelligence Authority to freeze some of their accounts before and During elections   

This engagement is aimed at looking into what went wrong among the two parties, and finding a way forward amicably.

Speaking during the first engagement organized at Hotel African in Kampala, Gen JEJE Odong the Minister for Internal Affairs says more engagements are still needed to streamline the duties of NGO because many have diverted from their roles.

“ some organizations have resorted to telling lies and others engaged in political divisionism” Minister Odong confirms .

Minister JEJE Odong has also stressed that the government will continue to monitor the finances of different NGOs as it was the case with the Democratic Government Facility so as to rationalize the role of NGO in Uganda.

Crispine Kaheru the former Coordinator of the Citizens Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda [CCEDU] has advises NGOs to desist from political engagements rather than providing basic essential services to the local population.

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