The Police Fire and rescue services have responded to a fire outbreak break at Kings College Buddo today during the teensy hours.

The fire is believed to have started from one building housing the senior three and one’s girls.

 Luke Owoyesigyire, the acting Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson said the fire and rescue managed to contain the fire from spreading any further.

“The Grace House girls’ dormitories that gutted fire at around 7am while students were for their morning preparations while others we in for breakfast” Owoyesigyire explains.

Eddie Ssewaje, the LC I chairperson of Nagalabi village and an eye witness, says the fire started from the two-storied dormitory.

“We first saw smoke then we had to move around and ascertain where it was coming from so that our children are not harmed” Ssewaje says.

Owoyesigyire says no student has been hurt by the fire and they are doing all they can to make sure that everything is stable.

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