The government of Uganda under the umbrella of National Resistance Movement has launched the EMYOOGA Sacco in Wakiso district to empower the community.

Emyooga is a Presidential initiative on job and wealth creation premiered by the president Museveni to give foundation to groups of people dealing in the same or similar work like women, carpentry, journalists among others.

The function was graced by the Minister for micro-finance Hon Haruna Kasolo who cautioned people to form saccos so that they benefit from the government cake stating that Wakiso alone will have 4 billion shillings.

On behalf of the district, RDC Rose Kirabira was present and cautioned all the beneficiaries not to consider the formation of saccos as a political issue.

On a lighter note, Kirabira further called upon the public to embrace face mask wearing as one of the preventive measures to fight COVID-19.

“It surprises me, people say there is no corona in Uganda and you wounder whether they want to see themselves dying like insects, Kirabira expressed herself in a bitter mood”.

The ministry of health and the government of Uganda has tried to put in place all the possible measures and guidelines, why not follow them?  asking Kirabira during the launch.

There are a total of 18 categories of beneficiaries within Wakiso district and each group will be entitled to a total number of thirty million each according to Mr.Kasolo.

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