President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has urged African countries to undertake policy and strategic direction measures in the fight against Covid-19 by focussing on sectors of their economies that are critical in ensuring and building resilience.

 President Museveni’s remarks were contained in his brief on Covid-19 which was presented on his behalf by the Minister of State for Planning David Bahati at the 30th Summit of the African Peer Review (APR) Forum of Heads of State and Government .

 The Virtual Summit was chaired by President Cyril Ramaphosa, President of South Africa and Chairperson of the African Peer Review Mechanism(APRM)

 The APRM Forum is responsible for the oversight of the 40 member APRM organisation for mutual learning and capacity building as well as constructive peer dialogue and persuasion.

In his brief, President Museveni advised APRM members to invest in Scientific research and development of Covid-19 vaccine.

He said Uganda on her part had already invested more than 30 million Dollars in developing the cure and Covid-19 vaccine.

 The President called upon APRM member States to invest in food production and also embrace import substitution to mitigate the risks on the economy of Africa.

Museveni said that  government has  invested over Uganda Shillings 300 million in our Development Bank to support the manufacturing sector and most of the accessories like masks and sanitizers are produced locally.

 President Museveni said that concerted efforts is now directed at herd immunity and focused strategies for strengthening resilience of African economies will defeat Covid-19.

 At the 30th Summit of the Forum, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) was welcomed as the newest member State to accede to the APRM.

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