Government has been called upon to render Covid relief to acid survivors in all parts of the country.

The development follows an announcement by the Government that it is set to release Covid relief fund to Ugandans.

The survivors from Wakiso and Kampala districts have made the remarks while receiving help from well wishers.

Acid survivors in Kampala and Wakiso have called upon the government to always consider them in all aspects, because they have been left behind especially in terms of care and justice and not bringing to book the people who use acid to destroy one’s life by pouring on them.

Dan Kasolo from Kakiiri, one of the survivors, has shown concern over the neglect they receive from the society especially when they leave the hospital.

Meanwhile other survivors including Agnes Kigongo from Gobero and Sadam Kasiba from Namungoona have extended their gratitude to Hope Care Rescue Mission for giving them food and other items.

Hope Care Rescue Mission is a non government organisation that focuses on helping the needy especially acid survivors and people with disabilities.

Reenah Ntoreinwe the administrator of Hope Care Rescue Mission says that they have decided to give these essential items to the acid survivors to lessen the burden they are during this lockdown.

Ntoreinwe has also called upon the government to enact a separate law which caters for only the acid survivors because they are considered as disabled and discriminated against in the society.

According to Ntoreinwe many of the survivors are low income earners therefore they need help from various partners

Reenah Ntoreinwe has further called upon the Government to always give enough treatment to the survivors and follow up on them after they leave the hospital.

She says that Hope care Rescue Mission are doing all they can to see that they give hope to these people since most of them are neglected by their families and friends so they work as comforters and hope survivors.
Today a maximum of 50 beneficiaries have been given items which amounts to 6.2 million.

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