Following incidents of continued violation of the presidential directives on the containment of the spread of the novel Coronavirus by Boda boda motorcyclists, police in Kampala Metropolitan have impounded over 200 motorcycles.

SP Patrick Onyango Kampala Metropolitan mouth piece, says Police carried out an operation in which officers arrested both riders and their passengers that were violating Ministry of Health guidelines.

Ministry of Health issued regulations that riders are not supposed to carry passengers since it could lead to spread of the Coronavirus since the two cannot observe social distance.

“Several riders and passengers were arrested and detained at various police stations in Kampala Metropolitan Police area” adds Onyango.

The suspects will be charged with disobedience of lawful orders and getting involved in the spread of an infectious disease caused by coronavirus.

Onyango informs the public that this will serve as a warning to people who continue to defy the regulations by boarding motorcycles.

Police further appeals to motorcyclists to stop carrying passengers to rather stick on only carrying luggage.

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